My Story

Unhinged BFF girls-girl energy. 🍓

I'm Sarah Edwards, a BFF for all fellow creatives. 🦄

✨ I am incredibly passionate about this because achieving my dream felt almost impossible.
It took thousands of hours of healing, recovery, and self-discovery, as well as working double-time, to find myself amidst extreme pain, confusion, mistakes, and failure.
Battling OCD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts on top of dealing with handicaps, disabilities, and immune issues has genuinely shaken me to my core. I've experienced more failure than success, loneliness than fellowship, and isolation than community. 🌈
Because of these challenges, I've set out to build, learn from, and master strategies to improve mental health, increase confidence, work towards financial freedom, and ultimately lead a free and joy-filled life.
I am dedicated to helping people conquer their mental health battles, cope with everyday struggles and intrusive thoughts, and increase their productivity.
Whether through my artwork that can brighten your home or through my programs and classes, I aim to guide others toward a happier, more fulfilling life. 💖
Thank you for your support and I truly look forward to getting to know you and your story.